Set One


The Jazz Community

The POSTunderground is intended as a gathering place for local jazz players from the greater Brookline community.  Given Brookline's proximity to Boston, this includes musicians associated with Berklee and New England Conservatory, both students and faculty.  The POSTunderground is a five minute walk from the Brookline Hills T Stop on the Green Line.  In addition, the community includes the great many musicians living in Jamaica Plain, for whom the POSTunderground is a just short drive.  As noted elsewhere, the POSTunderground is also intended as a gathering place for members of the greater Brookline jazz education community and their students.  By providing a central location where all these musical forces can meet, the POSTunderground hopes to help strengthen and sustain the greater Brookline jazz community.

Set One

Set One refers to the 7:30 to 8:30 PM time slot on Friday. No audition is required to play Set One. Anyone from the local jazz community is welcome to perform, especially those with roots in Brookline and a tendency toward mainstream jazz. That said, no creative restrictions apply, and non-jazz groups are welcome as well. High school and college level groups are encouraged to perform, as they are the most vital part of the community. To sign up, contact John Purcell at


The POSTunderground is a fully (if modestly!) equipped performance space. Against all odds, the room has a great natural sound with no amplification needed, aside from the usual requirements for bass and guitar. The piano is a Baldwin Acrosonic, not an intrinsically great instrument but perfect for the space and regularly tuned. The drum set is a classic 60’s Slingerland jazz kit. There are two vintage Peavey guitar amps and one vintage Peavey bass amp (Peavey: Kinda Sucks, Never Dies). The PA is a Fender Passport 250, just right for the space.


There is one major restriction for Set One: performers must make do with the equipment listed above. There is simply no time or space for elaborate setups and breakdowns. If your music requires advanced technology, the POSTunderground probably isn’t the place for you. This intimate room is best suited to acoustic music played at a reasonable volume. Performers should arrive 30 minutes prior to start time to meet the equipment and get set up. 

Nonprofit Community Jazz Venue

The POSTunderground is a nonprofit community jazz venue that currently operates on an unusual model: no money is involved on anyone’s part. Performers use the space free of charge, and admission is free, as well. There is even free food.  In other words, no one is being exploited to turn a profit. Whether or not this model can survive for long is an open question.  In a perfect world, a wealthy jazz enthusiast or community-minded corporation would swoop down and fund the POSTunderground for a laughably small amount of money.  As for this world, it's now possible make a donation with the click of the button below.  Needless to say, any support is greatly appreciated!

Support the Idea

The great live jazz, free admission & food, and reasonable drink prices are just the means to an end.  The ultimate goal is to enrich the greater Brookline community by providing a gathering place open to one and all, money or no money. 

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