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Imagine you’re back in the Stone Age trying to gather your community together. First you pick a great place for your bonfire, like that sandy clearing by the lake. Then you line up a smoking band of drummers and flute players and singers. Then you procure some mastodon meat to roast over the fire. Then you round up all the grain beverages you’ve been fermenting. Finally, you invite everyone you know, and all their friends, and all their friend’s friends.

Do people have to pay to go to this gathering? Of course not! Money won’t exist for another fifteen thousand years! 

Gathering the community together is really no different in the Information Age. First you find a large basement space with remarkable acoustics. Then you line up a smoking house band featuring Phil Grenadier, trumpet, and Matt Marcus, piano. Then you buy a bunch of pizzas (mastodon meat not included) with the indispensable help of the Paypal POSTpizza Patrons. Then you add a full cash bar featuring veteran’s post prices. Finally, you make sure that everyone in the community, money or no money, is welcome to come chow down, hang out, and dig great live jazz.

Do people have to pay to go to this gathering? The answer is still NO! Money definitely exists now (with a vengeance) but enlightened community members use it to support causes that benefit others.

In short, this is why YOU should consider becoming a Paypal POSTpizza Patron (PpPpP). It’s like being a sustaining member of other nonprofit organizations, but with a personal touch: sign up with John Purcell and he will send you a message (optional) reminding you to go to this page and make your monthly contribution. Simply drop him a line at Your support is greatly appreciated!


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The great live jazz, free admission & food, and reasonable drink prices are just the means to an end.  The ultimate goal is to enrich the Brookline community by providing a gathering place open to one and all, money or no money. 

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